Hello all,

Just last week I recorded my first “on-demand” webinar session. I did an “Introduction to DITA” that I hope is simple enough for anyone to follow.  I’ve been on loads, but this is the first time I’ve done a fully solo session that actually makes a reusable learning asset intended for free online streaming.

X-Pubs is doing a 3-part Webinar series on DITA at the moment starting with my introductory session, then one by Michael Boses of Quark and the DITA BusDocs subcomittee, and then Mark Poston is doing a case study where we’ve actually implemented a completely non-Tech Docs DITA solution. (more webinars on X-Pubs.com)

In my session, I have a live demo in the middle (always risky!) with some real DITA content.   Unfortunately the recording ends a bit abruptly due to a technical issue and there was a glitch briefly in the middle but neither affect the quality of the content.  As always, you feedback and questions are invited.

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