Content Strategy Conferences & Events 2017

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Intelligent Content Conference (ICC) – Las Vegas, USA

Workshop: Customer Journey Mapping for Personalized Content Delivery – March 28

A customer journey map (CJM) is a vital tool for building future-proof content strategies and content models that are customer-centric*, not brand- or channel-centric. Customer journey mapping enhances our understanding of users’ potential experiences and brand interactions across multiple touch-points and channels.

Customer journey maps are a way to lay out the ‘story of accomplishing a series of tasks’ from a user’s perspective. Instead of listing a series of tasks or sales lifecycle phases in an abstract way, or describing a static persona with no sense of time or place, CJMs seek to paint a detailed picture of the user’s experiences, content needs, and feelings along the way to accomplishing an objective.

Although conceptually similar to a use case, process description, or a workflow diagram, CJMs are richer and more customer-centric. Across the stages of the journey, CJMs bring together content requirements with a matrix of potential channel details such as devices, staff interactions, and physical environments. This unifies a large amount of customer understanding into a consumable deliverable, allowing teams to build personalisation and omnichannel-ready content models and editorial plans. Because they help improve processes, refine content targeting, and enable contextual and personalised content, CJMs are becoming key elements in modern content projects.

Join our session to get a template, methodology, and business justification for customer journey mapping that you can use with your teams and even colleagues across silos. Start improving your content strategies the minute you get back to work.

PLEASE NOTE: Attendees should bring a laptop or tablet for online work

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Presentation: How to Create Topical and Evergreen Content from the Same Content Assets – March 30

A core challenge of content marketing is being able to create topical content and evergreen content, at a high level of quality, and at scale. Using examples from Banking, Manufacturing and Pharmaceuticals, we’ll see how Intelligent Content bridge the divide between content that’s about the latest hot topics and content that’s useful and interesting to our audience over the longer term or even indefinitely.

  • Learn how organisations have rethought their content to allow assets to nurture leads with up-to-the-minute fresh content, while still making those same assets deliver longer term ROI
  • Learn to break out of the struggling of justifying creating content that goes through a short commission-publish-forget cycle
  • Get practical tips for getting started today
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LOCWORLD Barcelona, Spain

Presentation: Customer Journey Mapping for Omnichannel Content – June 15, time tbc

After over 15 years working on multichannel-, personalisation-, and future-friendly content, Noz Urbina has latched firmly onto customer journey maps (CJMs) as the today’s most vital content technique.
A CJM go beyond static personas and help diverse content stakeholders to design content plans and models that deliver the right type and level of content to the right user for their situation. CJMs bring together large amounts of user information and maps it out to support improved content structures, content types, and editorial plans that work across channels and siloed touch-points.
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