Content Strategy Conferences & Events 2018

Intelligent Content Conference, Las Vegas, USA

Workshop: Customer Experience Mapping – March 2o, 09:00-13:00

A customer experience map is a vital tool for building future-proof content strategies and content models that are customer-centric, not brand- or channel-centric. Customer experience mapping enhances our understanding of users’ potential experiences and brand interactions across multiple touchpoints and channels.


Intelligent Content Conference, Las Vegas, USA

Chatbots: How They Can Be Integrated into Your Existing Content Strategy – March 22, 2.45pm-3.30pm

This rush of enthusiasm and investment around AI and Chatbots leads a lot of organizations to leap in with little attention to how their efforts will scale or integrate with the rest of their content ecosystem. This session looks at some of the challenges and makes some initial recommendations on how chatbots can be integrated into an existing multi or omnichannel content strategy. Specifically, it looks at how and when intelligent content helps.

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