Content Strategy Conferences & Events 2016

Lavacon 2016

Dublin, Republic of Ireland / June 05, 2016

Workshop: Modelling Adaptive Content for Multiple Channels

June 05, 08:30 am – 12:30 pm

Your users need you to come to this workshop, even if they don’t know it.

Multichannel, or COPE (create once, publish everywhere), content is a bit of a holy grail these days. Our trade is discussing content being freed from the browser, available for reuse, and accessible in apps, kiosks, responsive mobile deliverables, eBooks, and syndication services to our partners—even in wearable technologies. All this for the benefit of users, and, of course, the organizations that serve them.

Adaptive content is content that is nimble enough to realize all these ambitions. But making our content adaptive means addressing a topic that sends many running for the fire exit or nearest window: semantic modeling of structured content. This workshop will connect the dots between adaptive content, responsive design, multichannel delivery, and user experiences to show you why you want and even need to have semantic content structures. It will then go through the non-terrifying intro to getting started with modeling your own content in a future-proof way.

People who attend this workshop will walk away with:

• The knowledge that their content is already more structured than they realize
• A solid sense of what semantic structured content actually is and its relationship to adaptive content, multichannel, and UX
• A grounding in the key concepts required to approach semantic content modeling

Attendees will also leave with these tools:

• Modeling spreadsheet
• Content sample files

Note: Laptops recommended. This session will include hands-on exercises.

Presentation: Why We Crave Semantic, Structured Content?

June 07, 12:45 am – 13:10 pm

The cutting edge of modern science and thousands of years of communication history lead us to the same conclusion: we are pattern-based, model-building beings. This can seem either obvious or foreign to you, depending on your background, but rarely when we’re talking about structuring information do we properly reconnect with the bigger picture outside the world of words and pictures.

Structured content isn’t about XML, DITA or publishing, it’s about imbuing content with some universal and deeply human qualities. With those qualities come a myriad of follow-on benefits to reader, writer and brand. With just the right amount of structure we’re more engaged, more open-minded, and simply happier. This is true for content, but to prove it generally, we’re going to first look at art, music, technology, communication and memory. Doing so we’ll see how taking a wider view will help us structure content better, better bridge the silos in our organisations, and delight our customers throughout their journeys.

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EuroIA 2016

Amsterdam, Netherlands / Sept 22, 2016

Workshop: Modelling adaptive content for multiple channels

Sept 22, 09:00 am – 05:00 pm

This workshop will help attendees deliver more relevant content, regardless of
device or channel.

As users are bombarded with words, videos, images, and messages on every screen
and device, they go to greater lengths to avoid “noise” on the line. They
want only the most relevant content. Therefore, only the most personalised,
even context-specific content will get through. However, organisations need to
meet these user demands on an ever diversifying array of target devices and

This workshop features hands-on introductory exercises and templates that will
help you model your own content in a scalable, future-proof way. Specifically,
this workshop will teach:

• A proven methodology to analyse, enrich and structure your content

• Specific ways to help authors create personalisation and automation-ready

• How modelling semantic content improves SEO and discovery, as well reuse
across deliverables and channels

• How to build the kind of models that can manage optimised omnichannel
delivery and excellent user experiences.

Laptops with Microsoft Excel and Word (or compatible applications) are highly

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