Content Strategy Conferences & Events 2016

EuroIA 2016

Amsterdam, Netherlands / Sept 22, 2016

Workshop: Modelling adaptive content for multiple channels

Sept 22, 09:00 am – 05:00 pm

This workshop will help attendees deliver more relevant content, regardless of
device or channel.

As users are bombarded with words, videos, images, and messages on every screen
and device, they go to greater lengths to avoid “noise” on the line. They
want only the most relevant content. Therefore, only the most personalised,
even context-specific content will get through. However, organisations need to
meet these user demands on an ever diversifying array of target devices and

This workshop features hands-on introductory exercises and templates that will
help you model your own content in a scalable, future-proof way. Specifically,
this workshop will teach:

• A proven methodology to analyse, enrich and structure your content

• Specific ways to help authors create personalisation and automation-ready

• How modelling semantic content improves SEO and discovery, as well reuse
across deliverables and channels

• How to build the kind of models that can manage optimised omnichannel
delivery and excellent user experiences.

Laptops with Microsoft Excel and Word (or compatible applications) are highly

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Pomp Forum Conference 2016

Ljubljana, Slovenia / Sept 28, 2016

Presentation: What is this Content Marketing stuff, really? And how do we get the most out of it?

Slot time TBC

The terms Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Content Marketing Strategy, are flying around our industry today. They’re clearly important and exciting, but what do they really mean? How do they relate to each other, and to what a modern marketing professional really needs to do to advance their goals? In this straight-forward session, we’ll look at the core concepts and real representative examples of how these ideas benefit today’s brands.

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