Content Strategy Conferences & Events 2016

Adobe DITA World 2016 – The Online DITA Conference

Online, Pacific Time (PDT). / Nov 02, 2016

Presentation: Technical Communication is Marketing Communication: How Structure is Connecting the Dots

Nov 02, 09:00 am – 10:00 pm PDT (05:00 pm 06:00 pm CET)

All communication, all over the world, is evolving at an unprecedented pace. The global demand for content has reached an unprecedented high. So we’ve got to work faster, and at a scale for which we’re simply not prepared.

The good news is that organizations are waking up to the fact that they need to rethink their approach to content, and everything that it touches. As a result, we’re finally seeing the cross-pollination in departmental communication teams that thought-leaders have been encouraging all these years. We’re seeing new methodologies, like Customer Journey Mapping, that facilitate taking an overall look at customer experiences across departments and channels.

For technical communicators, all this analysis and innovation has sent an early clear message: technical content impacts customer experience and affects buying decisions. Therefore, it’s also marketing content! For marketing communicators, structure, semantics, and separation of format and content are the only way that they can meet the new demands of speed and scale, in a connected way, across many channels and touch points.

In his keynote, Noz Urbina will look at some research and client examples that show how the worlds of content are coming together for the benefit of customers and businesses. At long last, we can start to really work together.

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DITA Europe Conference 2016

Munich, Germany / Nov 14, 2016

Presentation: DITA: You’re doing it wrong

Nov 14, 11:30 am – 12:10 pm

DITA can enable operational efficiency, reuse, improve data integrity, and extensive savings on translation costs. But so what? If DITA is seen only as a way to save, while doing what we were supposed to be doing anyway then migrating to it will never be seen as a strategic move for an organisation. We were never supposed to be inefficient, and never supposed to let data integrity drop. If all we’re doing is creating our old outputs with less errors, faster and for less cost, we’ve not really done anything except fix something that never should have been allowed to get so broken in the first place.

Managers who aren’t directly responsible for documentation or service departments (unless those departments depend heavily on documentation) may sign off on a CCMS and content migration off the back of reuse or data integrity, but the message “same thing: cheaper & faster”, will not re-position content within an organisation, it will not get you the engagement you need from SMEs and definitely not from end users. We need to do DITA projects that go further. With silos finally starting to come down in the wider digital arena and Lightweight DITA on the way, we have an opportunity to form cross-functional teams who are really affecting customer experience. But we have to approach DITA solutions differently. Attend this presentation for an illumination of what you could do better in your DITA initiative.

What can attendees expect to learn?

This presentation will re-position DITA for the average technical communicator and give them some perspective from the wider digital space as to how to communicate with their colleagues. Noz Urbina offers some tips for how to break down silos and participate in conversations outside the manuals-and-help world of DITA.

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