Content Strategy Conferences & Events 2017

EuroIA 2017, Stockholm – Sweden

Workshop: Modelling adaptive content for multiple channels – September 29, 09:00-13:00

One of today’s most daunting content delivery challenges is adapting your message for personalised, even context-specific distribution, on a diverse array of target devices and channels. This session will teach a proven methodology to analyse, enrich and structure your content to help authors create omnichannel, personalisation and automation-ready content. Content modelling is the backbone of an omnichannel content strategy.

Companies of all sizes, are looking for content that can be personalised and then delivered to the browser, available for reuse, and accessible in apps, kiosks, responsive mobile deliverables, eBooks and syndication services to our partners –  even in wearable technologies.

This practical session will show you why you want and need to have adaptive content structures to optimise user experience today.

It’s already fully booked though, but please come next time!

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