Here we look into Structured Content v Intelligent Content v Adaptive Content – what I would also call “the semantic content spectrum*” – and the ripple effect through the world of content creation, management and analytics that’s happening right now.

Enjoy and please let me know your thoughts. For my part, I am actually proud of this podcast. It’s rare that I drop the p-word, I am often happy with podcasts, but for years I’ve been hoping that that I could get a conversation with Jeff Eaton recorded. We’re constantly having great talks like this and finally we got one saved for posterity!

From Jeff Eaton’s Podcast site:

“In this episode, Jeff Eaton talks to Content Strategist Noz Urbina about Adaptive Content and the changing face of customer engagement. What does “omni-channel” mean? Is it more than a buzzword? What steps can organizations take to prepare for it? Spoiler Alert: It all relies on well-modeled content… Along the way, they discuss the storied history of structured content, the challenge of effective content personalization, and the existential horror of old-school WYSIWYG editors.
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* Although, arguably it’s more of a Venn Diagram than a spectrum, but that’s the topic for another post…

Img Source: Wikimedia Commons, public domain, Zzubnik