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For well over a decade Noz Urbina has provided content strategy services for Fortune 500s and growing brands. He’s provided guidance, experience, and compelling arguments for internal support. He has also (re)designed content models and processes, helping navigate the forest of technology options and roll out production systems.

Content strategy

Align content people, processes, platforms, and positioning to best meet organisational and user goals. Noz Urbina co-wrote the book “Content Strategy” and can take on everything from detailed analysis to strategic vision.

Content modelling

The right architecture and content models are essential to tackling today’s mobile and multichannel digital delivery requirements. Omnichannel strategies rely on a solid structural platform to deliver effective & managable results.

Implementation & change

The job isn’t done until your business benefits are achieved. Urbina Consulting goes beyond theory and can support you all the way through roll out and tricky organisational change management.

Workshops & training

Conceptual and tools training on structured content, omnichannel content modelling, information typing and more.

The book

Content Strategy: Connecting the dots between business, brand, and benefits demystifies content strategy for those who need to commission or deliver one. @thecsbook

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